Private Events and Catering

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Pedro’s del Este Private/Semi-Private Parties, Fall 2022

Events/Large Parties Menu

Option A, $35/person

  • Four Tapas Buffet
    • Four selections of 1-2 bite, tapas-style menu items
    • Unlimited tap beer, Spanish red and Spanish white wines, soft drinks

Option B: $45/person

  • Five Tapas Buffet
    • Five selections of 1-2 bite, tapas-style menu items
    • Unlimited tap beer, Spanish red and Spanish white wines, soft drinks

Option C: $50/person

  • Six Tapas Buffet
    • Six selections of 1-2 bite, tapas-style menu items
    • Unlimited tap beer, Spanish red and Spanish white wines, soft drinks

Additional beverage packages available:

Add $10/person for bottled beer and additional wine options.

Add $12/person for craft cocktail option (includes one craft cocktail/person).

Tapas Buffet Options

($) items noted may include a market price upcharge to be determined the week of your event.

Desserts can be one of the tapas selections or added for $3/person


  • Green Chile Tostadas: tostadas topped with green chiles, pickled onions, cilantro, and cotija cheese
  • Crispy Saffron Cauliflower: deep-fried cauliflower, preserved lemon aioli, fresh mint, pistachios, fresno chiles
  • Black Bean Empanadas: black bean, jack cheese, and roasted jalapeno empanadas
  • Chips, Salsas, Guacamole: house fried tortilla chips with charred tomato-habanero salsa, salsa verde, and fresh guacamole
  • Roasted Beet Salad: new recipe coming


  • Crab Cakes: fried crab cakes with mango-habanero salsa ($MP)
  • Gambas al Ajo: jumbo shrimp, white wine, preserved lemon, sherry, toasted sourdough ($MP)


  • Grilled Chicken Skewers: new recipe coming
  • Sticky Wings: honey, lime, herbs, toasted garlic, umami


  • Grilled Pork Tenderloin: negra modelo pineapple sauce, grilled pineapple, chilies, herbs
  • Charcuterie Platters: available in small or large platters, a selection of cured meats, artisanal cheeses, and accompaniments ($MP)


  • Tacos: grilled, chopped skirt steak with marinated onions, cilantro, cotija cheese, and salsa on a house corn tortilla
  • Pedro’s Meatballs: beef and pork meatballs with a spicy pepper-tomato sauce


  • Key Lime Pie Bars
  • Chocolate Habanero Bars
  • Assorted Cupcakes
  • Tres Leches Cupcakes

*Catering orders are priced per 10 people

*Orders must be placed in multiples of 10

*All catering orders are designed for client pick-up

*Catering pricing includes packaging, labor & operational costs


Jerk Chicken Skewers $50
- served 2 skewers/person

Caribbean Rum BBQ Ribs $75
- served 2 bones/person

Stuffed Mushroom Caps $50
Chorizo -OR- Asiago Cheese Stuffed

- served 2 caps/person

Pedro's Caribbean BBQ Meatballs $50
- served 2 meatballs/person

Barker’s Bar & Grill Chicken Wings $40

Spicy Buffalo | Smokehouse BBQ | Cajun Dry Rub | Garlic Creole | Bree's Knees

- served with celery, blue cheese & ranch dipping sauces
- served 2 wings/person

San Pedro Cafe Ceviche $60
-served with tortilla chips & lime

San Pedro Cafe Chips & Salsas $30
-choice of 2: Pico de Gallo, Avocado, Tropical Mango, Fire-Kissed Tomato

Roasted & Chilled Veggie Platter $50
-served with Roasted Red Pepper Aioli

Charcuterie Platter $MP
-assorted cured meats & artisan cheeses


Salad Platters

Mango Vinaigrette Salad $25

-served 2 oz/person

Pedro’s Chopped Salad $35

-served 5 oz/person

Cold Pasta Salad $30

Tropic Air -or- Mediterranean

-served .75 cups/person


Chicken Chile Penne $50

-served 6 oz/person

Bacon "Mac" & Cheese $50

-served 6 oz/person

Chicken Alfredo Penne $50

-served 6 oz/person

Classic Italian Baked Penne $40

-served 6 oz/person
on silver dollar buns



Cubano Sandwich $50

-served 1/2 sandwich/person

Mango Chicken Salad Spinners $50

-served 2 "spinners'/person

Smoked Pork Sliders $50

-served 2 sliders/person

Pedro's Street Taco Bar $50

-chicken, pork, or veggie

-shrimp tacos $75


Caribbean Rice & Red Beans $20

-served 4 oz/person

Roasted Banana Mashed Potatoes $25

-served 6 oz/person

Wood Roasted Vegetables $25

-served 5 oz/person


Tres Leches Cupcakes $40

Key Lime Pie Bars $40

Chocolate Habanero Bars $40

Dinner Packages


Caribbean Pasta Dinner

-includes Chicken Chile Penne, wood-roasted vegetables, mango vinaigrette salad & dessert

Italian Dinner

-includes meatballs, baked penne with red sauce, green salad with ranch dressing, ciabatta bread & dessert

Roasted Chicken Dinner

-herb roasted airline chicken breast, herbed chicken jus, mashed potatoes, wood-roasted vegetables, green salad with ranch dressing & dessert